What can’t be done online? From playing games to buying eyewear nothing is left undiscovered online!




In the ever growing popularity of the internet, times have definitely changed. Years ago the internet was used to only get information and to exchange messages thus email was created. Then we grew from emailing people to chat rooms being created. The massive growth of the world wide web is very fascinating in a sense that we are able to now do more and more online. There is online games to entertain us as well as places to  find jobs online! The things we do online now would not have been concievable to many decades earlier. Now we have even more growing trends online!

We have gone from going to brick and mortar stores to purchase eyewear  to simply logging online and simply shopping from the comfort of your home.  While some brick and mortar stores see this as a challenge most have moved with the advancement of technology and have created online stores as well.  In these times of the fast booming internet and the I need and want it now world we now get it fast and convienently 24 hours a day.

Along with online shopping we must also take a look at the entertainment side that has grown through the internet. Online games are a billion dollar business when it comes to being online. The technology to create it is fascinating! For instance Foxy Bingo is an online bingo site where you can go and play bingo online and it also has a  community where you can chat with others online as well. It is just amazing  that the technology allows you to do so much online now days.  With the internet growing more and more what is next to be discovered online?




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