Weird and Stylish Glasses? You be the Judge…..

Some styles I may never understand! While I like to venture to the wild side some times there are others that tend to stay on the wild side! I dont know if I could honestly wear these with out laughing at myself. You definitely have to have a great personality to wear some of these styles!

Is that lace on the glasses?!

duct tape can fix everything! lol

While doing what I do best (searching online) I ran across some very interesting glasses. Some of them were very interesting while others were (what were they thinking)? Lol. I love wearing different things and standing out when it comes to eyewear. there has been rarely a moment when i have seen some one in the same eyewear as me. Maybe its because of the colors that i sometimes choose. Its good sometimes to step out of the box and try something new every once in a while you never know u may end up liking it! How bold are you when it comes to eyewear? do you stand outside the box or do you blend in with the crowd?
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