Wearing fake lashes… or nah?



These days everyone wants to add on to their hair, butt, breast, and now eyelashes… Whats next I wonder? It amazes me how different people look with and without their lashes. For some it looks as if they have now lashes at all!  Im all for enhancing your beauty but doing it too much can really change how  you see yourself naturally.  Some people wear the makeup and lashes so much that when you see them with out it on they look sick or like a totally different person.



So whats your take on wearing lashes? Im sticking to just wearing them sometimes but definitely not everytime i walk out of the house. One reason being that they take way to long for me to put on and it involves me thinking about them all day and wondering when they are going to fall off if they do at all.  I guess if I was really into wearing the lashes it wouldn’t be such a big deal but I only wear them for special occasions.


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