wearing contacts doesnt mean no eyewear.. Get a spare!


Although we love our contacts, what happens when you get an infection and the doctor says you cant wear them any more? Are you slow to pull out those glasses that you have had since 5 th grade?  If this is you it may be time to get new glasses so your not stuck with some ancient eyewear. I  have seen this scenario one too many times where people can’t wear contacts and they dont have any glasses. Always keep in mind that although you wear contacts a lot more its important to spend some money on eyeglasses just incase.

You also should have eyewear incase you decide to do lasik surgery or if any surgery is performed that you will be out of your contacts and may have to wear glasses for a minute. Im not saying spend an arm and a leg on your eyewear if this is the case but its better to have something than nothing. It should be common practice for you to update your eyewear or lens in your current frames atleast every 2 to 3 years. So what are your glasses looking like? how long have you had them?

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