Vintage Eyewear

Vintage Eyewear is definitely In! From the cat eye design to the Wayfarer design it is definitely making a comeback. The cat eye design is excellent for a young woman wo want to make a bold statement. Some come with rhinestones for a modern look and a simple black, white or plastic for an authentic look. With the cat eye desighn, for women it can provide a mini and painless face lift. This tip all women will love when considering this classic vintage style. For men, the classic Wayfarer design is a huge hit. Just check out the man stars that are wearing these classic styles. Ray-Ban is definitely on a comeback with this style resurfacing. Along with the Wayfarer we also have the classic Aviator shape which is fashonable for men as well as women. Many frame companies are updating this classic style with trims of gold and plastic and also a hint of bling or stones.

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