Tru Trussardi Eyewear From Charmant




Tru Trussardi Eyewear is a new collection from Charmant Eyegroup. Let me just say that the quailty of their eyewear is great. This is coming from an Optician of over 10 years. I can count how many of these frames have broken and had to be replaced on one hand.  Charmant has one of the highest Quailty standards ever and i always recommend their products to patients that are looking for durability in a frame.  The new collection called Tru Trussardi  is an exquisite collection of frames. Most of the styles are zyl frames but they are classic and unique at the same time. I love the attention to detail on the frames. Although the logo is rather large, I still love the designs on the fronts and temples of the frames.  What is your take on the  Tru Trussardi eyewear collection?





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