Trouble finding Eyewear that fits? Check Out FatHeadz Eyewear



Ok guys If you are tired of having to wear glasses that are tight on your face or searching for fashionable frames to fit your large face then look no more. Fatheadz  founder Rico Elmore said he came up with this idea after a trip to Vegas and could not find any shades to fit his face. He said in an interview with aol that he then left there thinking he was going to create an eyewear line so that other people with this issue would not have this problem.  Fatheadz eyewear has12 different styles that are very fashionable and sleek for being such large frames. As an optician I always get guys or some women that cant find eyewear to fit the width of their face. Since Rico has debuted this new line many other companys are beginning to recognize that larger frames are need and they are also coming out with wider frames to fit larger size faces.  Check out some of their styles







P.S. you can find their eyewear line also at  Walmart and online retailers


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