Toms Sunglasses One for One Campaign Helps the less fortunate to see




Toms Eyewear helps those who can’t afford eyewear with their One for One Campaign. That means that for every pair of eyewear you purchase you are helping someone that is less fortunate to see better. They provide eyewear, surgery or treatments for eye disease all around the world. What a great cause!  One thing that I learned from them is that the leading cause of blindness is due to cataracts which is the clouding of  the lens in the eye. This blindness can be prevented by a simple surgery but to those who can not afford it they must suffer the consequences. Toms mission is to help those in need and help them to see better.  I am impressed with the quality and style of Toms eyewear! It is very fashionable and I love the colors of  the sunglasses.  They are priced between $119 and $139 but I would pay that if I know its going for a great cause.  Check out more of their styles and order you a pair here



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