Throw a little color in your Eyewear this year!

This year will be full of color!! So what are you waiting for go grab some colorful frames and have fun! 2012 eyewear trends are going for lots of bright and bold colors! You will see lots of bright blues, yellows, and pinks.  Im glad to see that we are finally getting out of the black and brown stage ughh!! there is so much more to explore in colors other than these! Many people shy away from colorful eyewear because they feel that it has to match what they are wearing. Well guess what guys… It doesn’t!  You can wear what every funky colored eyewear frame you want and it doesn’t have to match because you are making a statement and bring out that cool personality! Eyewear should be a part of your accesories but don’t think you have to perfectly match with it!


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