The Most Expensive Eyewear Ever!

I was curious to know what is the most expensive eyewear and what does it look like… well after doing a little research i came across a few pairs that i considered share worthy for you guys. The most expensive eyewear goes to these faboulous Dolce & Gabbana’s at a price tag of $383,609. They are 14kt gold and the logo is engraved with diamonds…

The next pair that I found were these Bently sunglasses. These sunglasses cost about $16,000 and are platinum and come with another set of lens to interchange the frames with. the gold and silver frames are a bit less expensive but the ones i have shown are Platinum… Go head Bentley! I always like the aviator style glasses a true classic..

These fancy glasses are made by Porshe and cost about $6600. They are 18kt gold frames and come with 24kt gold mirrored lens on them. While these are not my favorite I found them very unique because of the mirrored tint that is dipped in 24kt gold.

This last pair are very unique they are made by a company called Luxuriator. They are made of 18kt gold and the temples are made of ivory buffalo horn, and there are also diamonds adorned across the front of them. These glasses cost about $65,000 and I think they are the most unique!

Which are your favorites???

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