Sunglasses: Whats Hot!

My favorite Eyewear for 2010! MJB’s new line called Melodies are a big hit! Mary J has always made a scene with her shades and now she debuts this fabulous line which is sure to be a hit.These sunglasses are found in most Nordstrom locations and come in a variety of colors and styles. I definitely need to get me a pair of these to add to my ever growing collection of eyewear! check out some more cool sunwear that i found celebrities wearing!

We can definitely see that sunglass styles are fabulously fly and sheek these days. Whats even more important is that big is in!! Wild colors and shapes seem to be the in thing these days and as always the classic aviator style continues to reign as the number one shape in my book. they have a classic but modern look about them and come in metal or plastic styles in an array of colors. Even Justin Beiber thinks shades are cool?!..So why not go and grab you a pair of cool shades so you can fit in and be sheek and stylish with your shades!

Which style of sunglasses do you prefer?

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