Some Awesome Eyewear With A lot of Style!

Hey guys! I came up on this cool site with some interesting glasses. These cool looking glasses are from A-morir. They are so stylish and only the most fabulous wear these cool looking shades! I have to say Kerin Rose out did herself on these fab glasses. I love the cool colors and different shapes that she designed on her glasses. Most noted celebrities wearing this style has been Rhianna, Blackeye Peas and Lady Gaga.. While most of the styles are on the flashy side there are some cool looking ones that I would actually wear especially the brown ones. These Glasses are made to order so if you order be sure to give them time to make and ship them to you..

Which of these glasses are your favorites? Which ones would you dare to actually wear??

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  1. Veronica Pearman

    I swear the brown ones look like a pair I had in the 80's – they cost me like $150 BACK THEN! They were Laura Biagotti's – I think that's how you spell it. I was young and crazy!!! I'd never spend that much now! I still like that shape! Cool!

  2. Alena

    Veronica I know they all look like some throwbacks and these are even more expensive they are about $250 and up! i think i need to get to designing my own if they can sell them like that!

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