Poker Fashion in the Eyewear world





When you think of poker, what comes to mind? For me the first thing I imagine are the shades that people wear to hide their eyes.  but there is something much more to the poker fashion world. The clothes that the players wear as well as the accessories that they bring to the table have a big impact on them.  As they go to tournament to tournament they are seen by millions who are watching closely at how they dress while playing. This is a great opportunity to sell brands and products since millions are watching these players at the table. Poker fashion is becoming big business and it doesn’t just stop at the poker table for these players to make millions. They can become sponsors of the clothing and sunglasses and make even more millions for advertising the products.  Blue Shark Optics is just  one of the brands that  sell poker eyewear made especially for the poker table.  Just having dark shades at the poker table is not enough to get you to the winners table. The special shades allow light to pass through so that you are able to see the cards and poker chips easily. The mirror tint on the outside helps to keep your eyes hidden from others so they do not see who you are looking at or see your eyes as the cards are being played.  Over the years the  style of poker eyewear has changed, once a corny pair of eyewear is now a sleek style of eyewear that can be worn past being at the poker table.  *


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