Not Your Everyday Eyewear: Coco and Breezy Eyewear



I just had a friend to show me some cool looking eyewear that some of the celebs have been wearing such as Rhianna, Ashanti, Kelly Osbourne, and Nikki Minaj. The Eyewear line is called Coco and Breezy Eyewear, which is the name of the twins who own and run the eyewear line out of New York. These young ladies have a unique eye for fashion with there funky designs. The twins who are from Minnesota are very different from the average young ladies out of Minnesota. They realized their talent right away and moved to New York to continue building there brand. Their eyewear line has a squared look with different designs on the front. Some of them have chains and others have spikes but they are all unique! I don’t know if I could wear those everyday but i would definitely rock these if I was trying to make a statement. . These ladies rock in my book! This just proves that our young generation has a lot going on and they are ready to prove it to the world! Look for more new styles coming from Coco and Breezy soon!




for more of their styles check out there website

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