New Look Eyecatcher Style!!!



I decided to give my good friend  The Coupon Diva a new look as a gift from me for her birthday earlier this year.  I told her it was time transform those eyes of hers to something that i thought would fit her perfectly. She gave me free reign of choosing the eyewear for her so I was eager to get started.


First I consulted with her to see what she liked color wise and shape wise and how far out of the box she was willing to go. Some clients want a totally new and different look while others want a subtle change. I choose to go with a look that wasn’t too dramatic for her but gave her a polished look. When choosing eyewear make sure you choose something that compliments your face and gives your face life. This has a lot to do with colors you want to choose colors that compliment your skin color and doesn’t overwhelm your face.  I also chose colors that I knew she would love as her favorite color is pink. Don’t be scared to get color on your eyewear it doesn’t not have to be the standard black or brown. I think color as a little personality in your eyewear and I love a little splash of color.


The next thing I did was to decide how she would wear her eyewear and what her needs were with her eyewear. She needed something that was versatile and that she could wear all the time because she never takes them off . She also wanted something light weight and durable for her face. I chose a ultra thin lens for her to go in her frame so she would like the fact that it was not heavy on her face.  After this I was pretty much done with my consultation and it was my turn to go to work!  Here is  her before and after picture so you can see what the finish product looks like! Special thanks to my friend Janis over at Europa International!

The Before  of Coupon Diva


The After of Coupon Diva!

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