M.I.A. Shuron Eyewear History in Frames


Malcolm X



Hey guys I have started a mission to find eyewear that is made in America and will be highlighting these companies so you can support our American made products. In my  Made in America series today  we are featuring  Shuron eyewear. This company has a rich history in America as they have been in business for over 140 years! When I read the history on this company I was amazed at how they have persevered through tough times and even helping during World War II. They have been here with us through all the ups and downs of American life and has provided Iconic eyewear to some of our most famous people in history. The most infamous style has to be the eyewear that  Malcolm X wore while fighting for civil rights.  The Ronsir’s as they are called are the most famous style that Shuron has sold. And for those that pay attention to movies that are made for the 50’s and 60’s you can see most of Shurons eyewear also.  As I was researching on this company I began reading about all the fans that they have across the world and how they have seen there frames in movies and wanted glasses just like them. I am glad to have had the pleasure of finding out about Shuron Eyewear.  And now I must join in the craze as others have of getting a pair of  American Made Eyewear!


Here are a few of there classic styles check out more at www.shuron.com




                                                                                    so cute! love these!




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