Luxury Eyewear Series: What do you know about Cartier Eyewear



Cartier Eyewear is Luxury at its finest! Heck the name Cartier says a lot by itself. They are known for quailty and they give you top quaility. Don’t be fooled by the knockoff’s either if the price is too good to be true then guess what  its probably not real. Most of the Cartier’s eyewear collection consist of  rimless eyewear with attention to the temples for details. They have eyewear that is actually made of wood! The rimless collection is quite different as you have gold, plaitnum, and wood in this collection. And lets not forget the sunwear collection that they have, this is what more of the celebrities wear the most of. There sunglass collection is also unique in style and some even feature a platinum finish on them. Most of their shades also come polarized which is great! Polarized lens allow you to see on bright sunny days and eliminates glare. I would not expect anything less from Cartier when it comes to giving you the best choice for lens.  The average price of their eyewear is around $700 but well worth the cost.  Here is a highlight of some of their styles.




Kanye with his Cartier



check out more of their styles at

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