Luxury Eyewear Series: Maybach Eyewear

I have recently found that most of our luxury cars have glasses to go with them! Here is a collection of Maybach eyewear that was launched this past October. This collection is very sleek and highend. I really like the look that they have which gives it sophistication and looks as if it is made of very high quality. I would love to wear a pair of these while riding in the back of a Maybach. Of course I would not be driving, with that kind of car if you can afford it you can afford your own personal driver! This eyewear is sure to please even the pickiest as its individual collection caters to 18kt gold detailing and customized lettering on the temples. The eyewear is made by a German company called IVKO. check out a few of the styles that they offer on there luxury line of eyewear.

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