Luxury Eyewear Edition… Bentley Eyewear



When you think of Bentley’s what do you think of? I think of one of the nicest and most expensive vehicles out there. Well now they have come up with a limited edition eyewear. Bentley and Estede have partnered together to create a classic and customized style of eyewear. They are only producing 100 in each color and they come in 18kt Gold, Silver Palladium, and Platnium. They price tag on this eyewear ranges from $11,000 to $45,000.  What a price to pay for some eyewear. But Estede and Bentley provide a customized fit and the highest quality in the lens which are made by zeiss and they include polarized lens and the highest in scratch protection. Currently the eyewear can only be purchased in China, Russia, and Hong Kong but with the demand in the eyewear they are set to introduce it to other countries including the US by the end of the year.



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