Justin Timberlake’s New line of Eyewear

So now Justin Timberlake has a new line of eyewear coming out soon from Viva International! Wow! Are all the stars coming up with Perfume, clothing and  eyewear lines? I guess its good to see them being diverse with their money and actually using it to their advantage and getting ahead. I am anxiously awaiting to see what kind of style JT will come out with in his new eyewear line. I know it will consist of what we have been seeing him in which is the black zyl frames with thick rims, but I would love to see what else he comes up with and if it will catch on with his young audience. JT attributes having to actually wear glasses to see is what made him interested in an eyewear line. Now days he is seen all over the place rocking his eyewear. I will definitely be keeping you guys up todate on the launch of his eyewear line so stay tuned!!!

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