How old are your glasses?

What do your glasses look like? If they are anything near these please visit your nearest optical boutique immediately!! The life span of glasses greatly depend on how u take care of them. Consider purchasing multiple pairs so that you wont be caught looking silly with tape on your glasses. Also consider that your eyewear is a part of you and you want them to look good because they are the first things that people see. Avoid laying them down to be step on or sat on and increase your chances of having longevity in your eyewear. The average lifespan of eyeglasses is about 3 years. Most people are ready for a change of look after this amount of time and are ready to select new eyewear. If your like me I like to change very often as I love the different looks that eyewear gives you. Most people though can not afford to change eyewear as often and want quality eyewear that will be very durable and will last a long time.

When looking for quality eyewear i suggest several things to look for in a frame. One of those things is spring hinges, they allow your glasses to not be stretched out of shape along the temples. This is important because it keeps the adjustment longer and allows the frame to stay aligned for a longer period of time. This helps to keep you from visiting your local optician every few weeks for an adjustment. Another quality to look for in your eyewear is the flexibility of your frames. Flexible frames are important if you are tough on your eyewear or have small kids and want the most flexibilty out of your frames. One last thing to look for when searching for durable eyewear is the material that your eyeglass frames are made of. The best material is going to be Titanium witch is the most durable and strongest. It is also good if you have allergies to any type of metals. You can also choose Zyl or what we know as plastic frame. Plastic eyewear has the benefits of not having to worry about your lens coming out of your frames because there are not any screw that are in place to hold the lens in on the the frame which is molded around the lens. I prefer the zyl because they dont have any nose pads and fit my face comfortably.

Now these suggestions will pertain to different people in different ways because there are many other factors to consider when choosing eyewear. But one thing for sure dont get caught with taped up glasses because that is a definite fashion no no. There are too many options in the world of eyeglasses to be caught dead in this look! I challenge you all to look at your eyewear and see what lifespan if any that you have left in your eyewear?

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