Great style of eyewear for movie "Blessed and Cursed"

I got a chance to check out a very wonderful movie sunday afternoon called “Blessed and Cursed” by Deitrick Hadden. This movie instantly caught my eye because of the eyewear that the star Deitrick Haddden was wearing. In every scene it seems as if he had on a different pair of eyewear! I loved how he made the glasses and brought them into his character! He had on several zyl frames in clear, black and other vibrant colors. He definitely rocks in my book of wearing stylish eyewear!

This was a great movie also that talked about being blessed with the gift of song and having to choose between serving God or the world. Throughout the movie you see him becoming a better man and making better choices for his life. When his mother becomes ill he has to make a choice of family or singing for the church. After the Bishop hires someone to replace Dwight he begins to slide back into his worldly ways. With his talent already recognized his friends take notice and try to lead him back in the right direction.The Bishop that he worked for is very insensitive to the ones around him and Dwight(played by Deitrick Hadden) that he doesnt recognize til the end of the film that he is only hurting himself. In the end Dwight ends up back on top and fulfilling his and his mothers dream as a Gospel recording artist.

The soundtrack in this movie is awesome! Im definitely going to pick me a copy of this soundtrack up as soon as possible! If you have time I definitely recommend check out this movie! What did you think of the movie? and what about the soundtrack?

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  1. Talking with Tami

    Love your blog and Spike Lee has the best eyewear in the business! I'm trying to find my son some tortoise frames now!

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