Gold Plated Contact Lens with Diamonds.. Whats Next?

As if there wasn’t enough bling to put on our bodies now we can put gold  and diamonds in our eyes now! An indian Optometrist has invented these diamond crusted gold plate contacts and sells them for $15,000. Yes you heard it right.. $15,000 for some contacts that are foreign objects to the eyes and could cause some harm. I just don’t get it , I can hardly wear contacts more less talk about wearing some with gold and diamonds in them? That is way to much for me!  According to the inventor Chandrashekhar Chawan the proceeds from the sale will help to benefit Steven Johnson Syndrome which affects the skin and can lead to vision loss. So atleast the money will be going to a good cause but still … I don’t know about this invention some things should just be left alone!

Whats your take on these contacts?

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  1. WOW! I think that is a bit much if you ask me. Seems like that would cause some type of infection in the eyes or even scratch them for that matter! I’m not feeling those but somebody must be if they’re willing to pay $15,000 for some contacts.

    • admin

      I agree.. I think they would definitely hurt the eyes. But they do say that they don’t recommend them also.. i think its one of those things where people are just showing off how much money they have and the craziest thing they can spend it on.

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