Eyewear Spotlight: R. Kelly

R. Kelly sunglasses

In case you guys haven’t heard Singer/Songwriter R. Kelly has a new album out called Love Letter . While R. Kelly always keeps us on our toes with his music, he has also not disappointed us with his various styles of eyewear. I have to admit i had not noticed much about R. Kelly’s eyewear until now. It seems that he is pulling out the classic styles of the 60’s not only in his eyewear but in his music also. When recently interviewed on the BET special about him featuring his new albumLove Letter , he says he is paying tribute to those that came before him including Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke. Some of the tracks that they played during the special were some definite hits and I am definitely going out to buy this album. I have to give R. his props because he has consistently come out with great classic and has changed the game in music as a whole. Check out some of these classic and sheek eyewear styles that R. Kelly is rocking on his new album Love Letter .


R. Kelly in when a woman loves

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