Eyewear Spotlight on R.Kelly and his new book Soula Coaster: Diary of me







R.Kelly is back with a new album and a new book titled Soula Coaster: Diary of Me. The book which was released in late June, tells of his life behind the music and the ups and downs in life. We love R. Kelly because of his musical talents and we also love his style of eyewear. He is known to always have a pair of shades or eyeglasses on to hide those dreamy “bedroom” eyes. R. Kelly has even negotiated some sunglasses from a young lady at a party once.  Those sunglasses which are the ones featured in this picture as well as in the video “When a woman loves“.  He must really love those sunglasses because 2 years later he is still rocking them and we still don’t know the name of them!  Mr. Kelly the world would like to know what brand sunglasses those are?  I guess he is keeping that as classified information….. Wonder if he reveals in his new book Soula Coaster. Hope you guys check it out I sure am going to see what the R. has to reveal!  don’t forget to pick up his new albumWrite Me Back  as well.






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