Eyelash Jewelry!! Whats Next?

As I was browsing online i came across some neat looking eyelash jewelry. What a cool concept to come up with! instead of fake lashes try out these show stoppers! They are made by a company called Spirys .

These neat eyelashes are made by hand using glass beads and wire. Also on there website there is instructions as how to put them on using eyelash glue. I love the lashes with the feathers on the end the are so dramatic and fun! Lots of people use them for Halloween or if they are wanting to turn a few heads in a crowd. And the best thing is that they can be worn over and over again unlike the regular false lashes. Here are a few of the styles that they have on there website…Enjoy!

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  1. Meiqua S.

    Wow! I didn’t know that… They are coming out with everything.. Much as I love eyeshadow and stuff I think this is pretty neat then again I would be scared to have some tht big around my eyes because I’m just now learning how to put eyelashes on don’t want to poke my eye out.. I like this though.

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