Eyecatcher Celebrity Spotlight Jazzy Pha


Atlanta Producer Jazzy Pha was spotted this weekend at Frank Ski’s new restuarant in Downtown Atlanta. Jazzy Pha can always be seen sporting hot and trendy eyewear. His style to me represents a trendy and well put together style. His glasses aren’t so over the top that you would never want to wear them but they are hot enough where you want to know where he got those hot shades from!  When I saw him I immediately asked what kind of shades he was wearing  which was his Carrera shades which he said were throwback from 1987.  I must say he coordinated those hot blue aviator style shades  greatly with his navy blue striped shirt. I have to give it to Jazzy he has a great eye for style. He also told me he has a massive collection of eyewear too just like me! lol well im sure his collection is way more than mine.. lol wonder if he has more than Rick Ross and his collection?? hmm  Well shout out to Jazzy Pha for the hot sunglasses and for chatting with me for a bit about his collection!



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