Entertaining with a new bar cart

Guest post written by Victoria Linston

Every once in a while I really like to liven up our interior design. I’ve had my eyes on a bar cart for a while. But it’s been tough for me to find one that’s what I’ve imagined. I think I saw a picture of it on a blog once but it was a refurbished vintage one.

I spent a lot of time online looking for my perfect bar cart. While I was looking, I ran across some info on Sears Home Improvement and decided to look into it to replace our front door, which definitely looks worn for wear.

I finally tracked down my perfect bar cart. It wasn’t the cheapest thing ever, but it was exactly what I had wanted and had in mind. It’s glass with brass accents that are made to look like bamboo. It’s just like something out of ÒMad MenÓ! Needless to say, I think it’s going to make a great addition to our living room and now I just have to pick out some really cute glasses to use on it.

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