End of the year means Flexible Spending Account money for New Eyewear







With the end of the year approaching and Christmas finally out of the way we are all anxious for the new year. That means new benefits are starting  over and it also means that you must use all of your flexible spending account benefits up or you will lose them. Many people forget to use their benefits and end up losing the money that they have worked so hard to earn. Most people think that the benefits can only be used for doctor visit copays, and prescriptions. While this is true the benefits can also be used to help pay for eyewear and contacts as well.  Most people get a prescription pair of sunglasses using their benefits  as well and they can get multiple pairs of glasses if they choose.  If you have enough money left why not use your benefits to help you look more stylish in the coming year ?   Besides Im sure those glasses you have had for the last seven years could use a break and why not have a fresh new look for the new year.  Want a special frame ordered? We can order frames and lens for you today!  Contact me at alena@atleyecatcher.com

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