Does cheap eyewear harm your eyes?


I get people all the time to ask this question and thought I would address this issue. So does cheap eyewear harm your eyes? well the answer depends on what type of sunglasses you are looking for. You most defintely need UV protection so if it does not have a label for 100% uv protection put them down immediately. UV protection helps to keep our eyes from the damaging sun rays. UV protection can also help to prevent chances of getting cataracts that can form on the lens of the eye. It is important to have UV protection and most sunglasses provide this but if you are not sure you can always ask you local optician to check for uv on their machine. Other things to look for is polarized lens which help to eliminate blinding glare from the sun. Most often Fishers will come in and request polarized lens because it helps them to see in the water better when they are out fishing. Polarized lens to me provide the best benefit of sunglasses. So when choosing your sunglasses sometimes cheaper is not always better it could cause you some eye damage in the long run. Choosing sunglasses with UV protection will decrease your chances of eye damage so purchase them wisely!


P.S. Dont forget the kids need sunwear too! More than we do to protect there delicate eyes. Start young with teaching kids how to keep there eyes safe from damage.




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