Current Trends

Eyeglass styles tend to change year by year they go from big to small, round to square. Personally when I am styling a client I choose what compliments there face. For people that have a more rounded face a squared shape may suit them better. For a person who has a more squared face then the round or oval shape suits their face better. Then there are people who have a heart shaped face who can wear either style very well. While there are many styles to choose from and the current trends change from year to year you should still rely on these style basics on your search for eyewear, knowing this will make narrowing your search much easier and enjoyable when picking out your new glasses. Most people tend to go with a style that they already have while others may be more apt to change with the current trends.

So what are the current trends in eyewear nowdays? they seem to be going into a more geekish style. Although its not for everyone, there are some bold people who can rock this style. Celebrities such as Jay-Z, Kanye West. LeBron James have been seen wearing this particular style. Are you bold enough to wear this style? Im still debating this question myself and although I like to be different, Im not sure if this look will turn heads because its stylish or if they will turn heads laughing. What do you think?

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