Crazy about Sun Eyewear

Ok I guess its safe to say that I love sunglasses! I recently went through my collection and discovered that I have 13 pairs of shades! I dont know how I accumulated so many but its safe to say that you will never catch me without a pair of them on. Although it may seem extreme to some, I just love the look that the different sun eyewear gives you. I always go according to my mood or how much sun is out for the day.

Sunglasses come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. I have one of those faces where bigger looks better on my face. The large frames seem to keep more sun out of your eyes while providing a very stylish look. Large frame do not look good on everyone as I should point out. If you have a small face then you should go with smaller size frames that will compliment your face. Typically the small oval shapes tend to look much better than the large square ones that will give you a bug look. When it comes to sun eyewear color is also important. Typically what you see is either brown or grey color. Brown tints tend to brighten colors and Grey seem to give you much better protection from the brightness and true to color. While my favorite color is the amber it provides a much better vision when driving and at dusk conditions. One other thing to look for when selecting sun eyewear is to make sure you have 100% UV protection. This is extremely important because that provides the most protection against many eye diseases.So who knew that sun eyewear was this important? I sure didnt until I became an optician over ten years ago and every since then eyewear has difinitely been a part of my wardrobe! Protection of your eyes is very important as we only have one set so why not make them stand out if you have to wear them. Go grab some shades and enjoy your day!! Whats your favorite style of eyewear to sport?

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