Chrome Hearts Sunglasses Luxury at its best!









Here are some sunglasses that if you are a celebrity, you must have these! With the average price of these sunglasses well over $1000 you know they must be some awesome sunglasses right? Chrome Hearts eyewear was created by Biker Richard Stark in 1988. He researched and studied to find the best materials and developed a unique style of eyewear like no other.  The sunglasses have a distinct  temple design which makes them stand out from the rest. The Chrome Heart eyewear also has unique shapes and a little bling as well. I love these sunglasses and definitely have to add them to my sunglass collection. These are a must have if you are a sunglass fanatic such as me. The handcrafted sunglasses are sure to give you much pleasure as they are made of sterling silver, handmade leather and some even have pearl inlays in the design.







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