Cazal Eyewear and the Celebrities that love them!


Let me just start by saying this is a classic eyewear line! Cazal is a famous name by themselves let alone with all the stars wearing them! They were a hot fashion trend in the 80’s and 90’s  where the bigger the glasses the better! There popularity fell off for a bit then I started to see all the big name rappers wearing them again. As an optician I dont get as many request for them as I once did but I see a lot of stars rocking these styles. And you know what they say when the stars wear it, It will be a hit.




I am amazed at how a company like them has been in business for so long and maintains a fashion forward look when it comes to eyewear. How do  you maintain the top of the class in eyewear you ask.. My answer is that they keep the styles innovating and definitely get them on people who are the movers and shakers in the entertainment industry.





And on a side note….. it seems Mr. Rick Ross loves Cazal more than anyone He is such a loyal fan of Cazal that he has a tattoo of the logo on his face! Now I love sunglasses as well as the next but to go that far! I think I will pass! lol  how far would you go to show brand loyalty? Is this taking it too far?


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