Around Town with the Eyecatcher

The 9th Annual Taste of Atlanta was indeed a wonderful event filled with lots of great food and great folks from around Atlanta. They had live cooking demonstrations, live music to keep us entertained through out the weekend. Did I mention that the food was great! A few of my favorites were 5th Street Ribs-n-Blues, … [Read more…]

Current Trends

Eyeglass styles tend to change year by year they go from big to small, round to square. Personally when I am styling a client I choose what compliments there face. For people that have a more rounded face a squared shape may suit them better. For a person who has a more squared face then … [Read more…]

Whats hot with Eyewear!

The hottest frames for the year are…Retro styles??? Who would have guessed that the Wayfarer and the Jackie-O glasses would make a comeback. I spent the day browsing the new and upcoming styles at the 2010 SECO International today and was amazed at the many frame companies there are. All seem to be going a … [Read more…]

trendy frame styles

Right now the most popular frame styles and shapes seem to be the rectangle shape. they have been popular for a while now. The frame styles have stayed relatively small for about five years now and I don’t see that changing with the advancement of smaller progressives(or no-line bifocals), the trend will stay relatively the … [Read more…]

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