Wearing fake lashes… or nah?

  These days everyone wants to add on to their hair, butt, breast, and now eyelashes… Whats next I wonder? It amazes me how different people look with and without their lashes. For some it looks as if they have now lashes at all!  Im all for enhancing your beauty but doing it too much … [Read more…]

Eyewear Look of the Day from Dita

  Now doesn’t this scream classic eyewear? I am loving this look from Dita Eyewear from their Legends collection of eyewear which debuted last year. This look is definitely giving me life! The dress and the eyewear is a great look on her! What do you think of this look?

Eyewear Made for a Diva…Diva Eyewear collection from Theo

 New Eyewear from Theo Eyewear collection is fabulous! Its more than meets the eye!  In need of a conversation piece? This Diva collection is named after some of the most noted Divas in History.  Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Judy Garland , and Brigitte Bardot are the divas who inspired this collection.

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