Blast Winter Glare with Stylish Eyewear from Guess


This winter help protect your eyes from glare with these styles from Guess eyewear.  Glare is not just an issue in the summer time but winter glare can also be blinding. You should also be aware of the UV protection in your eyewear also.

You need to be concerned about two types of ultraviolet radiation: UVA (315-380 nm) and UVB (290-315 nm). UV-A can cause serious damage to the delicate seeing mechanism inside the eye. Exposure to small amounts of UVB over many years is one cause of cataracts and may affect the eye’s retina as well.

All sunglasses screen out or absorb some UV radiation, but the amount varies considerably. For maximum protection, look for those absorbing from 290 to 380 nm.

Colors that help against blinding glare are dark colors grey,brown, and green(G15) , these are great to use on bright sunny days. If it is a cloudy day or low light conditions then yellow, or amber colored lens work best.

In any pair of winter sunglasses it helps to have mirrored tinted lens because the mirror tint reflects the blinding glare and prevents it from penetrating through the lens.




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