Blast from the Past: Flip up eyewear








Dwayne Wayne from “A Different World”  and Dwayne Wadefrom “Miami Heat” ? Could it be?  The flipup eyewear is trying to make a comeback again and I can’t believe it! Who knew these glasses were even still out?  I ran across a pair a few years ago but would never have imaging D. Wade rocking these after  a NBA finals game last season.  They definitely don’t look bad on him, Im just in shock that he has them on in 2012. It seems that all the eyewear from the late 80’s and 90’s is coming back on the scene, some good and some bad. Im not sure if I would be rocking these glasses everyday as these I would only wear to make a statement or create a retro look. Would you wear these flip up glasses?  What do you think about this look on NBA player Dwayne Wade?


Some flip up glasses I found in a boutique.. Cute eh?

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