Back to School Eyewear : Veggie Tales Eyewear

Its that time again guys! Its back to school time again! I know the kids are thinking why so soon! Parents are relieved that there kids will be back to structured activity. But most parents are not looking forward to the hassle of buying new eyewear, new uniforms, backpacks and shoes. This can become overwhelming to those who wait til the last minute to get it done.  For those of you that want to see whats hot and whats not in eyewear stay tuned to some hot new eyewear I will be featuring this week!

Today we are looking at Veggie Tales eyewear. Veggie tales eyewear is from Eyes of Faith and there eyewear caters to the smaller kids I would say from ages 5-9.  There  eyewear  which promotes the cartoon also features an engraving in the inside temple that says “God made you special”. The veggie tales brand seeks to show children about being honest, forgiving and thankful. What a wonderful lesson to teach children while also showing them lots of style and more importantly durability for the parents.  Check out there website





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  1. Nice Article!! Cute glasses!! I think many kids will enjoy these cute frames!! Of course the ones who have to wear them!! 🙂 Veggie Tales is also a good show for younger kids!!

    • admin

      yes I thought the frames were cute as well and I like Veggie Tales it sends a positive message to the kids. Thanks for stopping by!

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