Back to School Eyewear: New Guess Eyewear Tween Collection


New Guess Tween collection will be a hit this year because of there adult styles with a twist for tweens. I  love that there collection isn’t too adult and that it is something that caters to the 9-12 age range. This collection features 23 styles and all come with spring hinge temples to help keep them in adjustment.  The temples also feature a heartshaped logo for the girls and a regular guess logo for the boys.  Some styles in the collection also will feature the memory metal to also help with keeping the frames adjusted. Guess eyewear has always had a forward looking trend when it comes to eyewear and I am glad to see that they are catering to the tween age because  many times they get over looked. At that age they are out of the kiddie frames with cartoons but the adult frames are too big and don’t fit as well with their age group. All the frames in this collection tend to give the solution that is needed to give these kids a  better choice in eyewear.


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