Around Town with the Eyecatcher

The 9th Annual Taste of Atlanta was indeed a wonderful event filled with lots of great food and great folks from around Atlanta. They had live cooking demonstrations, live music to keep us entertained through out the weekend. Did I mention that the food was great! A few of my favorites were 5th Street Ribs-n-Blues, … [Read more…]

How old are your glasses?

What do your glasses look like? If they are anything near these please visit your nearest optical boutique immediately!! The life span of glasses greatly depend on how u take care of them. Consider purchasing multiple pairs so that you wont be caught looking silly with tape on your glasses. Also consider that your eyewear … [Read more…]

Crazy about Sun Eyewear

Ok I guess its safe to say that I love sunglasses! I recently went through my collection and discovered that I have 13 pairs of shades! I dont know how I accumulated so many but its safe to say that you will never catch me without a pair of them on. Although it may seem … [Read more…]

Current Trends

Eyeglass styles tend to change year by year they go from big to small, round to square. Personally when I am styling a client I choose what compliments there face. For people that have a more rounded face a squared shape may suit them better. For a person who has a more squared face then … [Read more…]

Vintage Eyewear

Vintage Eyewear is definitely In! From the cat eye design to the Wayfarer design it is definitely making a comeback. The cat eye design is excellent for a young woman wo want to make a bold statement. Some come with rhinestones for a modern look and a simple black, white or plastic for an authentic … [Read more…]

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