Merry Christmas! Fun Christmas Eyewear

Thought you guys would love these cute Christmas glasses to help you get ready for all the festivities for Christmas! These are some festive looking glasses for your enjoyment! Wishing everyone a blessed and merry Christmas! Incoming search terms:christmas eyewearchristmas glasses

50 Cents New Venture to the Eyeglass world!

Well folks 5o is at it again. He has invested in a optical company called Gunnar Optiks. This company specializes in “digital performance eyewear”. Digital performance eyewear helps to eliminate ghostly images on LCD and projection screens. It allows a person a more clear vision without all the glare with its polarization lens. These glasses … [Read more…]

Eyelash Jewelry!! Whats Next?

As I was browsing online i came across some neat looking eyelash jewelry. What a cool concept to come up with! instead of fake lashes try out these show stoppers! They are made by a company called Spirys .These neat eyelashes are made by hand using glass beads and wire. Also on there website there … [Read more…]

The Most Expensive Eyewear Ever!

I was curious to know what is the most expensive eyewear and what does it look like… well after doing a little research i came across a few pairs that i considered share worthy for you guys. The most expensive eyewear goes to these faboulous Dolce & Gabbana’s at a price tag of $383,609. They … [Read more…]

Eyes Of Faith introduces some heavenly eyewear!

I was recently introduced to an eyewear line called Eyes of Faith. This eyewear line is unique because the donate ten percent of their profit to help childrens organizations worldwide. They also donate one pair of reading glasses for every frame that they sell. There frames are gorgeous with the attention to the temples which … [Read more…]

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