April is Womens Eye Health and Safety Month


When was your last eye exam? If its been over a year or two  its time to get to the nearest opthamologist or optometrist to get your eyes checked.


Did you know that women are more likely to develop eye diseases than men? That’s right ladies with  all that’s going on in our lives we also have to make sure our eyes are in perfect health. Most eye diseases if left untreated can lead to blindness and other serious complications. Our eyes can also detect other things that are going on with our bodies too such as diabetes. Getting a dilated exam is so important and needed to keep our eyes in tip top shape. A lot of us say that we don’t have time but you should always make time for your eyes because you only have one set!


And ladies don’t forget to protect your eyes also whether you are playing sports working in the yard or just lounging. Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and ladies they look cute while your wearing them. remember that even on cloudy days we need to protect our eyes from UV rays. So be sure to have your sunglasses on hand where ever you go!


Now go make that appointment to see your local eye doctor !

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  1. Many many thanks for such a caring post. 🙂

    Yeah, life has got so much hard and hectic that we even don’t care to visit an eye specialist to have through check up even when having itching or swelling. I mean I can’t imagine that what can I be if lost eyes. Its such a great blessing that we don’t realize.

    anyways thanks again.


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