A child changes things

This guest post from Doris Dillon

We live in a nice neighborhoodthat is in a good part of town. The neighborhood was one of the things I loved about our house. Everyone is sweet and there is a neighborhood watch group. I never thought we needed an alarm. Then, we had our first child. I never understood why people got alarms until I had a child. Thankfully, home alarm systemswas able to install a system quickly. I think the protective parenting starts the second your child comes into this world. I have always felt safe in my house and neighborhood, but when my little one came into this world everything changed. I wanted to feel I was doing everything within my power to make sure no one hurt him. I wanted him to always feel safe with his parents and I wanted him to feel safe in his own house. I know at this young age he probably doesn’t understand the meaning of feeling safe, but at least I know he will once he is older. It is amazing how one little thing can completely change your outlook.

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