On the scene with new Cythnia Bailey Eyewear

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Cynthia Bailey has been busy in the past couple of years! Building her empire and brand has kept her busy and obviously on the come up! She recently  launched the Cynthia Bailey Eyewear line that all her celeb friends are loving as well as her fans! We all tuned in last season on the Real Housewives of Atlanta to view her launch of the Cynthia Bailey eyewear line. She even had the girls to star in a commercial for the eyewear line!  I am so proud that Cynthia has used her star status to make major moves for herself and build a budding and hopefully successful empire! Check out some of her eyewear styles below.

cb eyewear 1


cb eyewear 2


cbeyewear 3


Wearing fake lashes… or nah?



These days everyone wants to add on to their hair, butt, breast, and now eyelashes… Whats next I wonder? It amazes me how different people look with and without their lashes. For some it looks as if they have now lashes at all!  Im all for enhancing your beauty but doing it too much can really change how  you see yourself naturally.  Some people wear the makeup and lashes so much that when you see them with out it on they look sick or like a totally different person.



So whats your take on wearing lashes? Im sticking to just wearing them sometimes but definitely not everytime i walk out of the house. One reason being that they take way to long for me to put on and it involves me thinking about them all day and wondering when they are going to fall off if they do at all.  I guess if I was really into wearing the lashes it wouldn’t be such a big deal but I only wear them for special occasions.


Eyewear Look of the Day from Dita



Now doesn’t this scream classic eyewear? I am loving this look from Dita Eyewear from their Legends collection of eyewear which debuted last year. This look is definitely giving me life! The dress and the eyewear is a great look on her! What do you think of this look?

Whats in for 2014 Tom Ford Eyewear





Whats the latest in Tom Ford?  Well here is a sneak peak! Check out some of the trendiest eyewear around the fashion world. I love the way fashion is going for 2014! It seems that we have stepped up and are putting the jeans away for now and dressing it up with suits and pants that fit finally! I can’t wait to see whats going to hit the runway for next month! What do you think of the new looks for the upcoming season?



Preview of 2014 Eyewear fashion from Dolce and Gabbana






Here is a sneak peak into Dolce and Gabbana’s Fall 2014 Eyewear collection.  Lots of colors and patterns this year with a much bolder twist. The collection is sure to please those who want a stand out fashion statement in eyewear. Give them all something to look at when you enter the room with these cuties on!  From the bold gold frames to the awesome patterns of mosiac, these Sunglasses will be the most talked about and seen in 2014. Be sure to check out more of whats to come in the next few months in Eyewear!

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